Why do people take Prime for Life®?

The people who take Prime for Life
® classes are described as follows:
  • Their judge ordered them to take Prime for Life®
  • They received a “no treatment recommended” determination following a court-ordered substance abuse evaluation which immediately qualifies them for the Prime for Life® series
  • Their therapist or probation officer told them to take the series
  • Their attorney suggested they take the series before appearing in court for a minor possession charge or DUI charge
  • A friend or family member told them about Prime for Life®
  • They received an alcohol or drug charge in another state and chose to take the course in Utah to satisfy out of state requirements as determined by the student
  • They have become concerned with their choices, or a loved one’s choices, regarding drug or alcohol use, are not yet sure if treatment is the right option for them and instead take the Prime for Life® series to receive general information about drug and alcohol use in a non-confrontational, educational setting
Do I have to take Prime for Life®?

  • If you received a first DUI charge and were not recommended for treatment
  • If you received a second DUI charge within 10 years of your first DUI charge and were not recommended for treatment
  • If you received an underage drinking charge, also known as a “Not A Drop” violation
  • If your judge, court representative, or Driver’s License Division ordered you to take the series because of some other drug or alcohol charge
  • If your court-ordered therapist thinks you could benefit from the course to supplement your treatment

What do I get when I complete the Prime for Life® Course?

  • 16 hours of chemical dependency invention education
  • The fastest courses possible- just 4 classes of 4 hours each
  • Course Workbook
  • An official certificate of Prime for Life® Completion
  • A letter of completion sent to your court or attorney

Do I have to take Prime for Life® from a specific company?

No, you have the right to take Prime for Life® course from the company of your choice. Many individuals receive misinformation that they must take the course from one agency. You may take the course from anyone authorized to teach the Prime for Life® class (who have been trained by the Prevention Research Institute). You have the right to ask your court to take this class from the company that best fits your budget, location and schedule needs.

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